Cloud Migration

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Cloud transformation in 4 steps

Outline for migration is provided in 1-3 days and a complete roadmap within 2-4 weeks depending on infrastructure scale. Other services include:

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Automation & IaC
  • 4 Eyes review on all stages
  • App Containerisation
  • GitOps & CI/CD Setup
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions

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Public Cloud Providers

AWS was among the first public Cloud providers (launched in 2006) and as of today it still holds the largest market share and dominates by the number of service offerings.

Some other smaller public Cloud providers are:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Openstack (OVH, Telekom)
Container Orchestration

Containers have become de facto standard way of shipping modern applications. Whether in Cloud or on Premises, with increasing number or applications and micro-services it gets harder to manage and monitor container-based workloads. After its inception in 2014, Kubernetes quickly became an ultimate container orchestration solution adapted by corporations all over the world.

Commonly used today container technologies also include:

  • Kubernetes (k8s, k3s, GKE, EKS)
  • OpenShift (OKD)
  • Helm, Kots, Kustomize
  • Istio, Envoy
  • Docker (containerd, podman)
IaC – Infrastructure as Code

IaC is a must attribute of modern IT infrastructures, whether in Cloud or on Premises, IaC allows to define and deploy reproducible and stable environments in a form reviewable code with version control.

Some of the most popular Infrastructure as Code tools today are:

  • Terraform
  • AWS Cloudformation
  • Chief
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
CI / CD & GitOps

GitOps is an operating model that applies some of the best DevOps practices (like IaC, CI/CD, Collaboration, Compliance) to automate infrastructure and manage application configuration.
GitOps is often applied to Kubernetes & container-based infrastructure.

CI/CD software used for GitOps includes, but not limited to:

  • ArgoCD
  • GitLabCI
  • Jenkins
  • Concourse
  • Flux
Monitoring & Logging

Stable infrastructure state is what everybody expects. Yet that is not always the case and only with a help of constant monitoring, the state can be determined at any given moment. Modern monitoring software allows flexible integrations and keeps the relevant information in a form of time-series which can be used to predict outage before it actually happens.

Monitoring and logging stacks today often rely on:

  • Prometheus
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kibana, Grafana
  • 1000 eyes
  • Splunk

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