100% Open Source based cloud solution
for your own private IaaS

Fully Private
  • Managed or fully Air Gaped
  • Converged or Hyper-converged
  • From 5 to 500 nodes
Fully Open Source
  • Free of licensing costs
  • Open industry standards
  • Transparent project development
Fully Automated
  • GitOps & Continuous Deployment
  • Kubernetes & Cloud-Native
  • Proactively & in-depth Monitored

Private Cloud on Autopilot


A free, open standard cloud computing platform providing all major IaaS features

The most popular container orchestration platform open sourced by Google

A distributed software-defined storage platform offering all types of storage

Declarative, Kubernetes-native GitOps tool for Continuous Delivery

An open source monitoring and alerting software based on a time series database

An all-in-one solution to manage bare-metal life-cycle and inventory

100% Open Source 

c12n.cloud is based on industry leading, proven open source technologies running in the world’s most advanced production systems. OpenStack global footprint exceeds 45 000 000 compute cores. Largest Ceph clusters hold over 50 PB of data. And Kubernetes is used by more than 5 000 000 developers today.

100% Automated

Scaling and operating private cloud has never been easier.
c12.cloud allows to add more compute and storage nodes into your cluster in minutes and scale control plane services on the go with Kubernetes and state of the art GitOps techniques.

0% License Bullshit

With c12.cloud we apply and share our in-depth knowledge of developing & operating Cloud platforms for the past 10+ years.
We truly believe in the power of Open Source and that many business should stay away from proprietary vendor software, locking them into unpredictable future license fees.

Tired of paying VMware license fees?

Release the vendor lock and transition to
100% Open Source Cloud solution

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Maintain full infrastructure control with c12n.cloud

Whichever platform you’re on, we’re here to help you
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