Public, hybrid or a Multi-Cloud? Which Cloud provider suits my needs? How to develop and operate modern Cloud Native applications?

Unlock the full power of cloud with Cloudification

Where to Start?

With Cloud providers evolving at a rapid pace it is easy to get lost in never-ending list of service offerings and terms.

Cloud services allow building a solid foundation for innovation and agile transformation in your organization increasing business value. From IT executives to developers and decision-makers – we are ready to consult on the best practices, architecture of Cloud infrastructure, implementation of Cloud Native applications and migration to Cloud.

Cloud Strategy to
Hands-on Implementation

Cloud Strategy

Here is where your cloud journey starts! Creating a strategy is one of the first steps. We will guide you and help to define a strategy that works for your business case.

Cloud Governance

Business and technical considerations with best practices in mind that define a framework for Cloud usage.

Cloud Architecture

Networking, Compute or Serverless? Which services to use and which not? How to build reliable Cloud infrastructure? What are provider limitations?

Cloud Migration

Experience a rapid Cloud transformation. We can make a tactical assessment and a propose a road-map within a few days.

DevOps & SRE

Agile mindset, automation, CI/CD, GitOps, IaaC, SLA, SLO, MTTR and other keywords of modern Cloud infrastructure. Everything will be automated.

Security by design

Build Secure infrastructure by leveraging best Cloud provider services, decoupling components, automating audit and minimizing attack surface.

Our tech specialities

We are Multi-Cloud Native!

Whether Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, OVH or Telekom Cloud. We also ❤ Open-Source

In case of these or other questions

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We’d love to hear from you and help to solve your challenges! Wherever you are in your Cloud journey, we have the expertise to make it a smooth experience.