Why all Fortune 500 Companies rely on Cloud and why you should too

Unbeatable Flexibility
  • ZERO CaPex, no upfront costs
  • Start in minutes and anywhere
  • Scale OUT/UP/IN/DOWN on demand
Proven Reliability
  • Industry higest SLA-s
  • Well-Architected frameworks
  • Managed Services and DR plans
Highest Security
  • Goverments, banks rely on Cloud
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Best practices in place
Always On, always connected

Cloud providers rely on multiple, redundant and independent Internet connections and data is typically replicated across multiple physical locations with guaranteed durability up to 99.999999999%
Even in event of power outage, most Cloud Data Centers can run non-stop with local electricity generators

No Infra lifecycle and EOL

Fixing hardware, ordering new or planning computing capacity is not a concern of Cloud users. No need to have Data Center operations teams, manage vendors or buy maintenance contracts. Cloud lets you focus 100% on your business and decrease your Capital Expenditures (CapEx)

Business Continuinity

In today’s digital world the price of “being offline” is very high, with companies loosing tens of thousands dollars for not being able to provide a service for just half an hour. Cloud infrastructures and Cloud-Native solutions make it easier to run, scale and maintain applications for most demanding users and mission-critical scenarios

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